Auto Detailing

  • INTERIOR ONLY: Small-$150.00 Medium-$200.00 Large-$250.00 Extra Large-$290.00

This service includes:

  • Extensive Interior Vacuum all carpets and under seats
  • Extensive wipe-down of the dash, door panels, interior trim
  • Interior Dressing W/UV Protection
  • Leather Condition (when applicable)
  • Streak-Free Glass Cleaning
  • Complete wipe down of door jams


SILVER: Small-$200.00 Medium-$250.00 Large-$300.00 Extra Large-$395.00

This service includes full interior package +

  • Exterior Hand Wash/ Spot free dry
  • Bug removal
  • Clean Windows in/out
  • Wheel/Tire Clean & Shine

GOLD: Small-$275.00 Medium-$340.00 Large-$375.00 Extra Large-$475.00

This service includes silver package +

  • Exterior Clay Bar (removes paint contaminants for proper wax application)
  • Ceramic infused wax (Long Lasting Protection)

PLATINUM: Small-$375.00 Medium-$425.00 Large$500.00 Extra Large-$595.00

This service includes Gold Package +

  • Headlight Restoration
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Exterior Trim Condition


Small- Compacts, Coups, 2dr Hatchbacks
Medium- Sedan, Crossovers, Small SUV, Single Cab/Extended Cab Truck
Large- Full-size SUV, Crew Cab truck, Minivan
Extra Large- Extended SUV, Crew Cab Truck >1500, Utility Van


**Additional Services:  $50.00 an hour and are subject to increase at inspection, depending on the severity of service needed**

  • Engine Bay Cleaning - $75.00                     
  • Headlight Restoration - $75.00
  • Paint Correction - $75.00/HR
  • Exterior Trim Condition w/UV protection - $50.00
  • Pet Hair Removal - $50.00/HR (starting)
  • Excessive Dirt - $50.00/HR (starting)
  • Stain Removal - $50.00/HR (starting)
  • Steam Clean Seats - $50.00/HR (starting)
  • Headliner Cleaning - $50.00/HR (starting)