Interior & Exterior Ceramic Coatings

Interior Ceramic Coating for Vinyl and Leather

Interior ceramic coating for vinyl and leather is one of the best options for protecting your car’s interior and keep it looking brand new. With our ceramic interior coating services, your car’s interior surfaces will be protected from stains and UV damage.

ProCo offers the best professional interior and exterior ceramic coatings around.  We are Northern Colorado's one-stop-shop for all your detailing needs.

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Car - $300
Small SUV/Extended Cab Truck -  $350 
Large SUV/Crew Cab Truck -  $425
Exterior Ceramic Coating (Auto, Motorcycles & Boats) - Painted Surfaces, Wheels, Trim and Glass Sealant  
3-year Coating - Cars Starting at $600* - SUV/Truck Starting at $800*
Lifetime Coating - Starting at $1,700
Ask about our monthly wash plan to keep your ceramic coated vehicle looking fresh!
**Prices do not include paint correction**
5yr coating starting at $70 a ft.
**Prices do not include paint correction**
3yr Coating - Starting at $600 (includes wheels)
Lifetime Coating - Starting at $1,100
**Prices do not include paint correction**
Paint Correction $90/Hour
Call or stop by the shop to meet with a detailing specialist for the best quote!!

ProCo used the highest quality of Ceramic Paint Coating, a 9H ceramic paint protection that is extremely glossy and durable. Our Ceramic Coating provides the highest hydrophobic qualities to make water bead up and slide right off while providing armor for pesky dirt and dust, making it simply rinse off with a hose.  With changes in chemistry and advancements in ceramic-related science, we are now able to analyze the precise method of applying ceramic coatings and the materials needed to do so. We have worked diligently through countless iterations of our surface prep to perfect the process for the highest standards to be achieved. This may include paint correction and stripping of contaminants off the paint's surface.  In the detailing world, it’s become a testament that preparation is key. Caring for your towels properly, polishing paint to perfection before ceramic coatings, claying the surface before applying wax are all essentials steps that ProCO takes when detailing your vehicle.  Ask a detail specialist how Ceramic Coating can benefit your Auto, Boat, or Motorcycle!

This Ceramic Coating protects against wash-induced swirl marks, oxidation, bug stains, road salt, water spots, and bird droppings. This actually decreases the cost of maintaining your vehicle because less maintenance is required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny.